Digital Storytelling

Work on Ice Age Flood Explorer was a collaborative effort between the History and Geology departments at Eastern Washington University (EWU). Click here to read the short articles I wrote spanning environmental, bridge engineering history, and the history of a brick building in the small town of Starbuck Washington. 


“Spokane Historical,” the pages “About” section proclaims, “is a project of the Public History program at Eastern Washington University. Most of the stories were created by EWU students.” Those students include me. I was a first-year graduate student when I got the chance to research and write articles for the site. Click here and choose from any of my six articles. 


“Wikipedia Editing” is an annual event co-sponsored by the EWU Library, Archives, and Omega Psi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta (PAT). We choose a topic from EWU’s past to create a new Wikipedia page that expands EWU’s digital footprint, sharing the universities history with the world. As a member of PAT, and in 2018 as President, I witnessed first-hand people drawn to this “drop-in” style event because of the interesting topics we’ve chosen. In 2016, our first event, we chose a locally famous and slightly controversial couch, William Bryn “Red” Reese. The following year we made one page for each of the three fires that have burned parts of the EWU Cheney campus. The first in 1891, the second in 1912, and the third in 1977. In 2018 we celebrate Women’s History Month by writing about women making history at EWU.  We made two pages, one about Mary Monroe, and one about the Women’s and Gendered Education center


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