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Spokane Historical logo, curtsy of http://spokanehistorical.org/
Spokane Historical logo, curtsy of http://spokanehistorical.org/

Spokane Historical is a fantastic tool for getting to know more about Spokane country. The website can be accessed from a smartphone and allows users to take a virtual walking tour of Spokane’s past.
This week I was looking at the history already recorded On Spokane Historical about Fort Spokane and Kettle Falls. I need to know what’s already there because my classmates and I are working with the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area’s staff to increase their digital presence.
The content I saw was good. See for yourself by clicking here.
The writing was clear, accessible, and brief. Each article was accompanied by archival photos, and many of the stories even had an audio recording of the text.
I think one way to improve upon the content is to embed links from the current histories to new articles that have a more narrowed or even a personal forces. An example of my idea: link a history about someone who did time in the Fort Spokane guardhouse to the article about the guardhouse building. The more personal histories will likely be difficult to research and might not yield very long pieces. However, I don’t think the new information should be added to the existing work because people don’t read long articles. If they want to learn a little more, they can easily access the additional content.
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