Week Five Ohio Internship

The weeks seem to be passing more quickly. Maybe because I’m more aware that I’m past the halfway point, or maybe because the days are getting noticeably shorter.
Monday: Three hours researching and writing my project. I think I’m ready to turn it in and get some feedback. Four and a half hours in collections, building descriptions of the 2016 collection and labeling the photo files. I think I’ll be able to get all the photos loaded into Past Perfect this week. The director freed some space on the computer.

Tuesday: Four and a half hours collections. Measuring the 2016 collection. Two hours gift shop/ talking with visitors.

Wednesday: Six hours collections. There is a dollhouse that for the last year has been making its way through the accessions process. I think I’m the 3rd intern to work on it. The first one inventoried everything and made some of the cards. The second one made the rest of the cards. I’ve taken all that information, updated the excel spreadsheet and will begin loading everything into Pas Perfect. Nearly 300 items are associated with the doll house. I spent one and a half hours gift shop/talking with visitors.

Thursday: Five and a half hours Collections. I nearly finished putting the dollhouse items into the system. Oh my goodness, I might not finish by Friday. I wanted to move on to adding numbers to the items next week. Noone has put a deadline on the project, but I’d like to have it done by the time I leave. I’m glad the doll house items are too small to write on, I’ll learn how we will take care of that next week. Two hours in the gift/shop. There was a family who had three children. SHS has a bunch of “Shaker” costumes in the area where they store gift shop stock. I grabbed the Dorthy Caapes, and the kids thought that was a lot of fun, for about 30 minutes. There is a “scavenger hunt” handout that they completed and the other full-time employee dug out some prizes for the kids.

Friday: Two and a half hours in the gift shop/talking with visitors. 5 hours collections. I finished all of the collection items; now I just need to get the archive and library items in. That will be my project for next week.

Thoughts: Monday we are de-installing an exhibit and then Tuesday a group is coming in to install a new one. That’s exciting. If I’m ever in charge of a museum, I will never accept a dollhouse. I’ve found the best way to water the garden is barefoot and I love riding the bike every day to and from the museum.

Tell me what you think.

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