Week Seven Ohio Internship

I finished reading and writing a book review for The Participatory Museum. I thought it was good. My week was action packed and full of fun. 

Monday, The first two hours of the day were spent adjusting the layout of my deeds project. I want the deeds in the appendix to be large enough to read, but not take up too many pages. I turned it back into the director for some final feedback. I might have one more round of edits because I added some things. We all went out to lunch together. SHS is closed to the public on Mondays and the weather was so nice that we decided to go out for lunch. It was nice.

Tuesday, Two hours in the gift shop talking with guests. 30 minutes writing up a short article for the SHS newsletter. I spent the day tackling the filing that I pulled out of the cubby. While I was sorting the papers I found some information on one of the objects in the 2017 collection. The director thought it was interesting enough to let the members know. Just a 100 word write up. I also took and edited photos of the maps and blue prints that are going into the archive.

In the library and archive. 

Wednesday, We all came in an hour late today! Five hours putting away the rest of the archive items from the cubby. 15 minutes on customer request. The customer read something and the author cited a source from the SHS archive, so I tracked it down and scanned the page. 30 minutes Collections, adding two new items to the 2017 collection. It sounds like new interns will be starting next week. The director completed my end of internship paperwork, I did too. It should be attached. I also faxed it to the internship office at EWU. I have my exit interview on Monday. We are planning a farewell bbq for next Thursday.

Thursday, Five hours re-organizing an office. Keys have gone missing. I was trying to help find the keys and just decided that the best way was to remove everything from the space, sort it and then put it back. I did not find the keys but everyone is happy to have the space looking clean. Two and half hours working in the gift shop and talking with visitors.

Friday, One hour on my deeds project. Was the file corrupted? I don’t know, but it wasn’t working the way it should have. I fixed it. Friday is normally a busser day for visitors but not today. Maybe it was the rain. I spent the day on odds and ends, helping with the trash and recycling, trying to make a label maker work, tracking down collection items, nothing exciting, just waiting for visitors who never came. It’s rained a lot during my time here. 

Thoughts, I think I’m going to miss this place. SHS has about 400 members. There is so much competition for people’s time, attention, and money. I think I need to learn about advertising and fundraising. Maybe my next internship can focus on that.

Tell me what you think.

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