Week Three Ohio Internship

Monday: 2.5 hours in the SHS Archives looking for a photo. I was hoping that someone had written the names of the people on the back, but no such luck. The remaining 5 hours were spent writing about my findings, researching and writing about the annexation of a local township into Shaker Heights, and talking with the director. She is leaving for a conference and will leave the 2016 collection for me to accession, and there have been a few more donations to the 2017 collection.

Tuesday: 7.5 hours researching and writing. I learned there are still two Shakers alive at the Main settlement.

Wednesday: 4.5 hours collections. Made the description and donor cards, updated the spreadsheet, and measured everything for the written description. I made a spreadsheet for the 2016 collection, then did the same things with the items I was able to find. 2 hours in the gift shop/talking with visitors.

Thursday: 1 hour, SHS Archives. A woman from California called. She is researching a family member who lived with the North Union Shakers for a while. I couldn’t find anything on him (he was too young to be a member on the roll), but I think I found his father. I passed the information on to her. 4.5 hours collections. I set up the photo area, took pictures of the collection items for the 2017 collection and the items I could find for 2016. I then did a little post work on the photos. Then I compressed the files. I think I’m getting a little better at taking photos. 2 hours gift shop/talking with visitors. They like to ask me why I’m so far from home. Home doesn’t feel very far away

Friday: 3.5 hours updating Past Perfect with the 2017 collection and began entering the 2016 collection. 2.5 hours in the gift shop and talking with visitors about the history of Shaker Heights. 1.5 hours reading news papers and magazines for items about SHS for the archives. 

Thoughts:  They desperately need a new computer or a serious hard drive clean up on the Past Perfect computer. The reason I had to stop on Friday was that there is no more space on the hard drive. The director said it’s easier to convince people to donate money for things they can see when they walk into the building, it’s a lot more difficult to get people to donate money for facilities general use. All the day to day, not so sexy, equipment, supplies, manpower, that it takes to make the operation run. 

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