Week Two Ohio Internship

Monday: 3.5 hours at the county Admin office on deeds research. Then back to SHS 4 hours on collections label training and labeling. The clear barrier paint was all dried up, more had to be ordered. The rest of this project is on hold until the order comes in. But I’m looking forward to getting something completely finished. 

Tuesday: The Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day! I went in for an hour. It was kind of a last minute thing. The SHS has the first fire truck used in Shaker Heights. It’s 100 years old! A neighborhood requested the truck at their 4th of July party. I volunteered to help get the truck to and from the party. Mostly because there was the possibility of free food. Long story short, I saved the director’s life. We did not make it to the party. But I did get a bicycle that I can ride to and from work. 

Wednesday: 7.5 Read the deeds and then scanned them for the museum’s records. A professor from Pennsylvania was in the SHS archive. Part of his research must overlap with mine because when I talked to the director about my day’s discovery she said my evidence placed the RCs two years earlier than the professors. I’m sure he’ll find it too.

Thursday: 4 hours in the SHS archive. I stumbled upon a little gem. In 1999 a woman made a timeline of Shaker Height’s happenings that she thought were interesting. Included with a copy of her timeline was a copy of the Shaker Height’s Protective Association’s booklet from October of 1925. 2.5 hours researching more deeds and looking for evidence of two African American families who are believed to have lived in Shaker Heights in the 1920s. 1 hour in the gift shop.

Friday: 1.5 hours at the Shaker Heights Library for research. The library published a book in 1987 on the history of the city. According to the book, the civil rights era was a time when the city decided to intentionally integrate. They set up a housing office. The staff at the library was very nice and extremely helpful. Their historian was on holiday but the staff was willing and able to help me. There was also a large display in the window to the rare books room. I wasn’t allowed into the room but I could fully view the display. It looked like the displays the students made for History Day. It looked like a winning submission. It was about RCs and segregation in the Lomond neighborhood of Shaker Heights. There certainly seems to be some interest in this part of Shaker Heights History. 5 hours researching newspaper articles and real estate information to find out more about the two families from yesterday. 1 hour in the gift shop. I think I’m getting better at talking to the visitors. I’ve decided the best way to start the conversation is to ask them, “what was your favorite item?” 

Thoughts: Boards can be difficult. Or, at least to me they seem difficult. The SHS has 15 people and they seem to act like 15 individual people rather than a unified body. Not all the time, but on some things. They all have SHS’s best interest at heart. I think I want a board that is united. Sure, the board meetings can and should be passionate and everyone’s voice should be heard, but when the votes are counted, that’s it. Take action and get things done. Maybe that’s naive of me, but what’s life without dreams? 

Tell me what you think.

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