I have 18 subscribers, more than 80 videos, and over 2K views. I make video content about historical writing and events, and college life as a nontraditional student.

     I research, write, and edit all the videos myself. I sometimes have help with filming, but it is rare. In December many Youtube content creators publish a video every day until December 25th. In my first year, I challenged myself to do the same. I learned a lot. Most importantly, create and upload the videos in advance.  

     My favorite series is titled, “Ordinary History.”  I interact with an everyday item or task while sharing the history. The most popular video in the serious is “Soap.” It is a combination of a DIY and history video that has more than 160 views. 

     My most recent series is “Historical Writing.” My fellow students share tips for writing a history paper. The videos have been popular with my Phi Alpha Theta chapter. 


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