I have 92 subscribers, more than 90 videos, and over 9K views. I make video content about historical writing and events, and life as an early career professional. 

     I research, write, and edit all the videos myself. I sometimes have help with filming, but it is rare. My favorite series is titled, “Ordinary History.” I interact with an everyday item or task while sharing the history. The most popular video in the serious is “Ordinary History | Growing Shaker Heights |Shaker Heights Ohio” It is part of a subseries made while I was an intern in Shaker Heights. My most popular video is “Writing History: Strategies For Writing A Historiography” which has more than 2K views. 

     My most recent videos are me comparing 18th-19th century lighting. I rendered tallow to make a rushlight and several different forms of tallow candles. 

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